How to stay Safe from Coronavirus


Disease Control and Prevention CDC.The expert body on coronavirus,has released guidance for general public,and healthcare professionals,on the symptoms of the virus.A person could be at risk,if they have any or all of the following.Fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness.Such as coughing or difficulty breathing,after traveling to Wuhan,or having close contact with someone who is ill,and is now under investigation for the virus

in the past two weeks.Fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness,after having close contact in the past two weeks,with someone who’s been confirmed to have the virus.The CDC defined close contact,as being within about 6 feet (1.8 meters),or within the room or care area,of a person with the coronavirus,for a prolonged period

without appropriate protective clothing,or having direct contact

with the infectious secretions,of a person with the virus

without protective clothing.Coronaviruses are particularly dangerous,for people who have weaker immune systems,,like young children and older adults.To protect yourself from the virus.Try to avoid contact

with people who display symptoms,similar to those of pneumonia,or the common cold by coughing,or a runny nose.Don’t touch your eyes nose or mouth

with unwashed hands.Wash your hands frequently with soap and water,and scrub for at least 20 seconds.Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when possible.Avoid animals and animal markets.The only current treatment for coronavirus,being offered is supportive in nature.If you notice any of these symptoms and conditions.Please contact your nearest professional healthcare setup.Help spread this information to everyone.

These are Chinese medical workers,arriving at Wuhan Red Cross Hospital,with a patient suspected of infection,with a new coronavirus ,The workers are wearing

personal protective equipment or PPE, designed to prevent,exposure to infectious materials ,Infections and deaths

from the novel coronavirus,have continued to rise throughout China,and around the world ,According to the U.S. Centers,for Disease Control and Prevention how the new virus spreads

How to stay safe from Coronavirus
How to stay safe from Coronavirus

isn’t completely understood ,Here’s the protective equipment

that healthcare workers,have worn during major outbreaks such as SARS and Ebola,and why it’s crucial in the battle,against the novel coronavirus epidemic ,- PPE is used for a variety of hazards , In the healthcare world one of the biggest hazards,is microbial and that could be,viruses, bacteria, fungi, et cetera ,Some are fine-air particles that enter your lungs ,Some are contact materials ,Others can enter through various orifices your nose or eyes ,So when we’re choosing PPE, it’s very important,to understand the transmission , Coronavirus is likely spread,through a cough, sneeze or other contact with saliva ,But because much is unknown about the virus healthcare workers are following precautions,to prevent different types of exposure ,- So today when you look at personal protective equipment,for microbial risk, such as coronavirus you’re looking at four items and they would be,a face shield followed by a respirator of some sort,followed by a disposable coverall and finally gloves ┬áCoveralls, face shields, goggles and gloves,protect against hazards like Ebola that can spread by direct contact with bodily fluids ,The respirator prevents inhering droplets in the air,from sneezes and coughs ,Healthcare workers wore respirators,while treating patients during the SARS and MERS outbreaks ,- The most sort of effective way of these pathogens,entering your body is through the respiratory system ,So that’s why most PPE in healthcare settings,tends to focus around respiratory protection protecting what comes into your lungs

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