COVID-19: Rohit Sharma asks everyone to be little smart, proactive | Cricket News

New Delhi: Indian batting star Rohit Sharma on Monday (March 16, 2020) adviced everyone to be little smart and little proactive to fight the coronavirus.

Rohit Sharma in a 55 seconds-long video on his social media accounts said, “Last weeks have been tough times for all of us and the world has come to a standstill which is very very sad to see.”

The batting star added, “The only way we can get back to normal is by all of us coming together. How we can do that is, by being little smart, little proactive, and knowing our surroundings. As and when you get any symptoms informing your nearest medical authorities.”

Rohit said, “Because we all want kids to go to school, we all want to go to the malls, we all want to watch movies in the theatres. I appreciate the efforts of the doctors and nurses around the world by putting their lives at risk by taking care of people who have tested positive.”

Rohit concluded with “Last but not least my heart goes out to the people who have lost their life and their family. Take care and be safe.”

The appeal comes after at least 15 states and UTs in the country have tested positive for the coronavirus. As many as 13 states and UTs have also banned the public gatherings, be it in cinema halls, malls, pubs or any other public places.

Coronavirus positive cases in India has jumped to 116 by Monday afternoon, Maharashtra being the worst-hit state with 38 positive cases.

Two people have so far died of the disease in the country. 

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